Table 2.

Transposon-like Genes Corresponding to Small RNAs

 (Small RNA Start Position)bSmall RNAcSmall RNA OrientationPosition in Gened
Class I
LTR retrotransposonsAt3g44570III (16168450)4SenseCR
At3g50490III (18748214)67.18SenseCR-NCR
At4g03860IV (1806346)82AntisenseCR
At1g35970I (13402547)109.4AntisenseIntron
At2g10650II (4118437)109.33AntisenseIntron
Non-LTR retrotransposonsAt2g31080II (13173209)64AntisenseCR
At1g26860I (9305299)105.1AntisenseCR
Class II
MULEsAt2g25370II (10756003)42AntisenseCR
CACTA-like elementsAt1g41910I (15208566)6.1AntisenseCR
At2g10000II (3735856)6.2AntisenseCR
At1g36080I (13484620)53.1SenseCR
At1g23930I (8461386)53.2SenseCR
At5g37390V (14547631)53.3SenseCR
At5g33220V (12243390)53.5SenseCR
At4g09370IV (4908254)53.6SenseCR
At4g28960IV (13245060)53.7SenseCR
At3g47330III (17445738)53.8SenseCR
  • a Determined by BLAST search with the small RNA sequence.

  • b First nucleotide position in the chromosome corresponding to the small RNA sequence.

  • c Unique code for each small RNA or small RNA locus.

  • d Location of the corresponding small RNA sequence in the gene coding sequence. CR, coding region; NCR, noncoding region.