Table 2.

Root Lengths of pls Seedlings, pls Transgenic Lines Containing a Wild-Type PLS ORF (PLS ORF), and Five Independent pls Transgenic Lines Containing a Mutated PLS ORF ATG Codon (mPLS ORFs) at 7 Days after Germination

nMean Primary Root Length mm ± se
pls2016.6 ± 0.6
PLS ORF2020.3 ± 0.8
mPLS ORF12016.9 ± 0.5
mPLS ORF22016.4 ± 0.7
mPLS ORF31316.9 ± 1.1
mPLS ORF42117.7 ± 0.6
mPLS ORF52016.5 ± 0.4
  • n = number of seedlings measured per line. There was no significant difference between the pls mutant and any of the five pls transgenic lines containing the mutated PLS ORF ATG codon.