Table 3.

Wild-Type Strains and Mutants of Magnaporthe Used in This Study

StrainBrief DescriptionReference
Guy11Wild-type MAT1-2Leung et al., 1988
nn78Δpmk1 of Guy11Xu and Hamer, 1996
2359Wild-type MAT1-1Leung et al., 1988
70-15Wild-type MAT1-2Chao and Ellingboe, 1991
BC32Ectopic transformant of Guy11 transformed with pCX4This study
BE71Ectopic transformant of Guy11 transformed with pCX3This study
BC7Δgas1 of Guy11This study
BC46Δgas1 of Guy11This study
BE55Δgas2 of Guy11This study
BE68Δgas2 of Guy11This study
DS21Δgas1 Δgas2 double mutant of Guy11This study
GC22Guy11 transformed with pCX14 (GAS1-GFP)This study
GC24Guy11 transformed with pCX14 (GAS1-GFP)This study
GE6Guy11 transformed with pCX13 (GAS2-GFP)This study
GE19Guy11 transformed with pCX13 (GAS2-GFP)This study
DT2GC22 transformed with pCX35 (GAS2-YFP)This study
MCX13BC46 transformed with pCX13 (GAS1-GFP)This study
MCX14BE55 transformed with pCX14 (GAS2-GFP)This study
MCX27Guy11 transformed with pCX27 (GAS2-GFP + 3′ untranslated region)This study