Table 4.

Comparison of Vivipary and ABA Sensitivity in abi, fus3, and lec1 Monogenic and Digenic Mutants

Percent Germination on ABAb
GenotypePercent Viviparya3 μM100 μM
Wild type (Wasilewskija)000
abi4, lec10.6
abi5, lec112
abi4, fus319
abi5, fus318
  • a The presence of germinated seeds in mature dry siliques was scored in at least four batches of 60 to 400 seed; high variability partly reflects the dependence on RH.

  • b Germination of seeds excised from siliques in late embryogenesis, just before desiccation, was scored after 3 days of incubation at 4°C followed by 7 days at 22°C in continuous light on minimal mineral salt medium supplemented with the indicated concentrations of ABA; variability partly reflects differences in viabilities among excised seed lots.

  • Percentages shown are means of multiple assay values; ranges are presented in parentheses.