Table 1.

Flowering Times and Floral Phenotypes of Lines Used in This Study

GenotypeRosette Leaf
 No. (Average) aSDFloral Phenotype
Wild type11.41.2Wild type
Wild type, short days36.75.2ap2 plus additional b
35S-EAT2.00.2ap2 plus additional b
35S-EAT, short days6.11.2Wild type
35S-eatdel11.1c1.1Wild type
35S-miR172a-12.10.3ap2 plus additional b
toe1-1D22.52.1Wild type
35S-TOE128.63.6Wild type
toe1-28.70.6Wild type
toe2-110.2 c1.4Wild type
toe1-2 toe2-16.00.8Wild type
  • a Average values from at least 10 plants per line.

  • b See text and Figure 1 for details.

  • c No statistically significant difference compared with the wild type. All other lines were significantly different from the wild type (Student's t test, P < 0.0001).

  • Flowering time was determined by counting the number of rosette leaves, and floral phenotypes were observed visually. All plants were in the Col-0 genetic background and were grown in long-day conditions (16 h of light and 8 h of dark), except as indicated (short days [8 h of light and 16 h of dark]).