Table 1.

Phenotypic Characterization of the Overexpression Lines of AtGA2ox7 and AtGA2ox8

TraitWild TypeAtGA2ox7ACTAtGA2ox8ACT35S::AtGA2ox735S::AtGA2ox8
Flowering behaviora (number of leaves)8.1 (1.0)15.0 (1.1)13.8 (1.5)16.2 (1.6)14.9 (1.7)
Height (cm)48 (1.1)7.5 (1.0)9.6 (1.3)8.2 (1.3)9.6 (1.3)
Number of inflorescence branchesb41 (5.3)87 (28)84 (25)>100>100
Internode length (mm)c9.1 (0.13)1.9 (0.27)2.4 (0.37)2.5 (0.49)2.7 (0.57)
  • a Number of rosette leaves formed by the primary meristem before the transition to flowering.

  • b Total number of inflorescences and inflorescence branches produced.

  • c Internode length between siliques on the primary inflorescence measured as (n−1)/L, where n is the total number of siliques and L is the length of the inflorescence containing siliques.

  • Plants were grown in long-day photoperiods. Numbers in parentheses indicate 1 sd. Flowering time was scored upon the emergence of floral buds.