Table 1.

Strains and Plasmids Used in This Study

FB1a1b1Banuett and Herskowitz, 1989
FB2a2b2Banuett and Herskowitz, 1989
FB2ΔMyo5a2b2 Δmyo5::hygRThis study
FB2Myo5tsa2b2 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5tsThis study
FB2mGMa2b2 Δmyo5::hygR/pOGmyo5CThis study
FB2oGMa2b2 Δmyo5::hygR/pOGmyo5CThis study
AB33a2 bE2 Δ[b2I, bW2V]::[Pnar, bleR, nar(p), bW1V]Brachmann et al., 2001
AB33oGMa2 bE2 Δ[b2I, bW2V]::[Pnar, bleR, nar(p), bW1V]/pOGmyo5CThis study
GS1Myo5tsa1b1 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5tsThis study
GS2mGMa1b1 Δmyo5::hygR/pMGmyo5This study
FB1Ya1b1/pOYThis study
FB2Ca2b2/pOCThis study
FB2Myo5tsCa2b2 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5ts /pOCThis study
GS1Myo5tsYa1b1 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5ts /pOYThis study
FB2mGa2b2/pmfa1GFPSpellig et al., 1996
FB1mGa1b1/pmfa1GFPSpellig et al., 1996
FB2Myo5tsmGa2b2 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5ts/pmfa1GFPThis study
GS1Myo5tsmGa1b1 Δmyo5::hygR/pMyo5ts/pmfa1GFPThis study
SG200a1mfa2bW2bE1, bleRBölker et al., 1995
SG200ΔKin2a1mfa2bW2bE1 Δkin2::cbxR, bleRWedlich-Söldner et al., 2000
SG200ΔKin2oGMa1mfa2bW2bE1 Δkin2::cbxR, bleR/pOGmyo5HThis study
pMyo5tsPmyo5-myo5E534K, cbxRThis study
pMGmyo5Pmyo5-egfp-myo5, cbxRThis study
pOGmyo5CPotef-egfp-myo5, cbxRThis study
pOGmyo5HPotef-egfp-myo5, hygRThis study
pOYPotef-yfp, bleRThis study
pOCPotef-cfp, bleRThis study
pmfa1GFPPmfa1-egfp,bleRThis study
  • a and b, mating-type loci; Δ, deletion; P, promoter; ::, homologous replacement; -, fusion; ts, temperature-sensitive allele; hphR, hygromycin resistance; bleR, phleomycin resistance; cbxR, carboxin resistance; /, ectopically integrated; E2, W2, and W1, genes within the b mating-type locus; I, intergenic region of the b locus; V, variable region of b genes; egfp, enhanced green fluorescent protein; E534K, point mutation at amino acid 534.