Table 1.

Complementation of co, ft, and tfl2 Mutants

PlantNo. of Rosette Leavessen
Wild type (Col)6.90.129
gTFL2:GUS #17/tfl2-270.1426
gFT #1/ft-1018.30.318
gFT #7/ft-1018.50.294
ft-1 (Col)36.11.497
pFT:FT #5/ft-16.50.2721
pFT:FT #11/ft-17.80.220
gCO #7/co-1017.80.3120
gCO #18/co-1017.30.3529
  • Plants were grown on Murashige and Skoog (1962) plates containing 2% sucrose at a density of 30 plants/9-cm-diameter plate, except for ft and co-101 mutants, which were grown at a density of 9 plants/plate. Kanamycin-resistant T2 progeny were used for analysis.