Table 1.

Fully Localized Eukaryotic Members of the CDF Family

MTP1ZnHybrid poplarVacuolePresent study
MTP1MnS. hamataVacuoleDelhaize et al. (2003)
ZNT7ZnH. sapiensGolgiKirschke and Huang (2003)
ZHF1Zn, Co, CdS. pombeEndoplasmic reticulumClemens et al. (2002a)
ZNT6ZnH. sapiensGolgiHuang et al. (2002)
MCS2ZnS. cerevisiaeEndoplasmic reticulum/nucleusLi and Kaplan (2001)
ZRC1Zn, CdS. cerevisiaeVacuoleLi and Kaplan (1998)
COT1Co, ZnS. cerevisiaeVacuoleLi and Kaplan (1998)
ZNT3ZnH. sapiensVesiclesPalmiter et al. (1996b)
ZNT2ZnH. sapiensEndosome/lysosomePalmiter et al. (1996a)
ZNT1ZnH. sapiensPlasma membranePalmiter and Findley (1995)