Table 1.

Significantly Upregulated Transcripts in 35S:AtMYC2/AtMYB2

Gene NameaGene IDbRatiocMYC Recognition SequencedMYB Recognition SequencedAnnotation
 RAFL06-82-G15At5g4442010.19−527 (caattg), −341 (cacttg),
 −233 (catgtg), −140 (catgtg)−272 (taacca), −116 (aaacca)Antifungal protein-like protein
 RAFL06-77-K06At1g758305.07−315 (tggttt), −202 (taacca),
 −185 (tagtta)−354 (tggttt), −257 (taacca), −237 (tagtta)Putative antifungal protein
 *RAFL06-16-D08At2g255104.93−577 (cagatg), −485 (catctg),
 −224 (catatg)−515 (tggttt)Unknown protein
 *RAFL07-10-G08At3g032704.33−446 (caagtg)−342 (aaacca), −48 (aaacca)Unknown protein
 *ADH1At1g771204.00−218 (cacgtg), −194 (caagtg),
 −218 (cagatg), −41 (cagctg)−364 (aaacca), −162 (aaacca)Alcohol dehydrogenase 1
 *RAFL09-17-A07At5g259803.52−525 (caattg), −236 (cagttg)−432 (taacca), −303 (caacgg), −236 (cagttg)Myrosinase TGG2
 *RAFL09-06-D04At3g142103.50−475 (catgtg), −443 (caattg),
 −257 (caattg), −137 (catatg)−398 (taacca)Myrosinase-associated protein
 RAFL11-09-A12At5g195502.95−450 (caggtg), −720 (cagatg)−529 (tggttt), −523 (tggtta)Aspartate aminotransferase Asp2
 RAFL07-10-G07At1g524002.92−205 (cacttg), −144 (cacgtg)−294 (aaacca), −126 (taactg)β-glucosidase homolog BG1
 RAFL07-07-M09At1g164102.88−53 (cacatg)Not foundP450-like protein
 RAFL11-13-B13At4g218302.80−449 (caggtg), −255 (caaatg)−528 (tggttt), −522 (tggtta)Putative protein
 *RAFL05-18-H22At4g088702.75−107 (caagtg)−551 (taacca), −530 (taacca), −92 (taactg)Putative arginase
 RAFL09-06-K23At1g079202.75Not found−599 (ccgtta), −563 (taacca), −553 (aaacca),
 −232 (taacca)Elongation factor 1-α
 kin2At5g159702.72−163 (cacgtg), −90 (cacgtg),
 −73 (cacgtg), −49 (catttg)−764 (aaacca), −86 (tggttt)Cold-regulated protein COR6.6
 *RAFL06-08-C03At1g315802.59−486 (cacttg)−368 (ccgtta), −291 (aaacca)Pathogen-inducible protein CXc750
 RAFL06-07-L14At2g280002.58Not found−615 (taactg), −518 (tggttt), −100 (caacgg)Putative Rubiscoe subunit binding protein α-subunit
 *RAFL04-13-P21At5g425302.57−266 (cacttg)−254 (aaacca), −249 (aaacca)Unknown protein
 RAFL06-11-F24At5g247702.54−145 (catttg), −94 (catctg)−454 (tggttt)Vegetative storage protein VSP2
 RAFL05-16-I09At5g208302.54−447 (cacttg), −235 (catgtg)−356 (taacca), −244 (tggttt)Suc synthase 1
 RAFL05-09-P04At2g195902.53−607 (catttg), −262 (cacatg)−302 (aaacca)1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase
ABA treated
 *RAFL06-16-D08At2g255106.13−577 (cagatg), −485 (catctg),
 −224 (catatg)−515 (tggttt)Unknown protein
 *RAFL05-18-H22At4g088705.33−107 (caagtg)−551 (taacca), −530 (taacca), −92 (taactg)Putative arginase
 *RAFL09-17-A07At5g259804.88−525 (caattg), −236 (cagttg)−432 (taacca), −303 (caacgg), −236 (cagttg)Myrosinase TGG2
 *RAFL09-06-D04At3g142104.81−475 (catgtg), −443 (caattg),
 −257 (caattg), −137 (catatg)−398 (taacca)Myrosinase-associated protein
 *RAFL06-08-C03At1g315804.59−486 (cacttg)−368 (ccgtta), −291 (aaacca)Pathogen-inducible protein CXc750
 *ADH1At1g771204.32−218 (cacgtg), −194 (caagtg),
 −218 (cagatg), −41 (cagctg)−364 (aaacca), −162 (aaacca)Alcohol dehydrogenase 1
 RAFL05-01-D08At2g037604.09Not found−599 (aaacca)Putative steroid sulfotransferase
 RAFL11-02-P06AAK438413.98−614 (cagatg)−451 (taacca), −417 (taacgg), −115 (aaacca)Unknown protein
 RAFL04-19-O21At3g570503.92−632 (catctg), −48 (cacgtg)−571 (aaacca), −479 (ccgtta), −39 (taacca)Cystathionine β-lyase
 RAFL08-09-P03At1g299303.73−535 (caggtg), −171 (caattg)−292 (tggttt), −142 (taacca)Chlorophyll a/b binding protein
 RAFL05-11-L07At3g276903.53−218 (cacttg), −132 (cacgtg)−264 (aaacca), −158 (taacca), −105 (aaacca)Putative chlorophyll a/b binding protein
 RAFL06-07-C24At3g217203.45−589 (caaatg), −515 (caattg),
 −259 (caaatg), −234 (caaatg)Not foundPutative isocitrate lyase
 RAFL06-09-H06At1g299203.39−552 (cagatg), −522 (caattg),
 −439 (caactg), −201 (catgtg)−574 (aaacca), −439 (caactg), −111 (aaacca)Chlorophyll a/b binding protein
 *RAFL07-10-G08At3g032703.26−446 (caagtg)−342 (aaacca), −48 (aaacca)Unknown protein
 RAFL08-16-M12At2g333803.25−482 (caattg), −264 (catatg),
 −151 (cacgtg), −69 (cacgtg)−216 (tggttt), −155 (taacca)Calcium binding protein RD20
 RAFL07-16-M19At2g422203.25−535 (caggtg), −171 (caattg)−292 (tggttt), −142 (taacca)Hypothetical protein
 *RAFL04-13-P21At5g425303.21−266 (cacttg)−254 (aaacca), −249 (aaacca)Unknown protein
 RAFL05-11-H09At1g056803.21−589 (cacgtg), −243 (cacatg),
 −229 (cacatg)Not foundPutative indole-3-acetate β-glucosyltransferase
 RAFL09-11-O13At3g467803.14−584 (catctg), −389 (cagttg),
 −363 (caattg)−574 (tggtta), −521 (aaacca), −499 (taactg),
 −389 (cagttg)Putative protein
 RAFL07-12-M09At2g213303.10−151 (catatg), −101 (cacgtg),
 −41 (cacttg)−538 (ccgtta), −387 (ccgttg), −184 (tggttt), −147 (tggttt)Putative fructose bisphosphate aldolase
  • a Gene names are for full-length cDNA clones (Seki et al., 2001). Upregulated clones in 35S:AtMYC2/AtMYB2 in both the control and ABA-treated plants are indicated by asterisks.

  • b MIPS entry codes and GenBank identifiers for cDNA used in this study.

  • c Embedded Image÷Embedded Image

  • Ratios are average values from three independent experiments.

  • d Numbers indicate the nucleotide beginning at the 5′ terminus of the longest cDNA clone isolated. Minus signs indicate that the nucleotide exists upstream of the 5′ terminus of the putative transcription start site. MYC and MYB recognition sequences located 10 to 600 bp upstream from each TATA box are indicated.

  • e Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase.

  • mRNAs from 35S:AtMYC2/AtMYB2 and WT [Km] plants with or without ABA treatment were used for the preparation of Cy3-labeled and Cy5-labeled cDNA probes. These cDNA probes were mixed and hybridized with the cDNA microarray. In this study, we used the λ-DNA as an internal control because its fluoresence level is almost the same in the two conditions. The first 20 genes with higher expression levels in 35S:AtMYC2/AtMYB2 than in WT [Km] plants are shown.