Table 1.

Effects of Monochromatic Irradiation on Cytoplasmic Motility in Dark-Adapted Epidermal Cells of Vallisneria

 Irradiation (nm)Increase in the Index
 of Cytoplasmic Motility
4600.16 ± 0.08a
5200.05 ± 0.01a
6600.72 ± 0.21
7600.08 ± 0.04a
660, 7600.08 ± 0.07a
660, 760, 6600.72 ± 0.19
  • a Significantly different from the value obtained at 660 nm (P < 0.05).

  • After incubation in darkness for 12 to 18 h, samples were irradiated with monochromatic light of each wavelength for 1.0 s at 100 μmol· m−2·s−1. The magnitude of the response was determined by subtracting the index of cytoplasmic motility determined immediately before the start of actinic irradiation from the index determined immediately after the termination of the irradiation. For each irradiation test, the response is expressed as the average of results obtained from six different samples with the standard error.