Table 6.

Conserved UPR cis-Acting Elements in Arabidopsisd

Name of
 cis ElementSequence of
 cis ElementArabidopsis
 (24,598)8K GeneChip
 Genes (129)UPR
 Genes (53)Genes
Motif ICCACGTCA862282 (249)b5 (4.93)c9 (2.03)cBiP, CNX1, PDI (At2g47470), HSP-90,HSP-like, Ca-ATPase4, At2g44080, similar to vesicle trafficking, At4g01810
Motif IICC-N12-CCACG1010265 (292)7 (4.64)15 (1.91)SAR1B, HSP-90, SBP-like, At4g10040, GPT, Ca-ATPase4, CNX1, AtUtr1, PDI (At2g47470), At4g11800, At4g14430, Ca-kinase, HSP-like, At4g34630, GST, ATAF2
Mammalian UPRETGACGTGAc (tcacgtca)488126 (141)0 (2.2)0 (0.91)
Yeast UPRECAGCGTG453118 (131)0 (2.07)2 (0.85)BIP-like, At4g02880
Mammalian ERSE-ICCAAT-N9-CCACG20264 (58)2 (1.12)7 (0.46)CNX1, HSP-90, HSP-like, SBP-like, Ca-ATPase4, GPT, ATAF2
Mammalian ERSE-IIATTGG-N-CCACG4121 (11.93)0 (0.37)2 (0.15)BiP, Ca-kinase
  • a Occurrence based on the number of predicted sequences in the Arabidopsis genome at the time of this analysis and on independent genes in the 8K Affymetrix GeneChip. Total number of genes is shown in parentheses.

  • b Numbers in parentheses in this column are expected numbers based on total detected in the Arabidopsis genome.

  • c Numbers in this column are corrected based on occurrence in the Affymetrix GeneChip.

  • d Alternative mammalian UPRE. The reverse sequence is shown in parentheses.