Table 2.

Seed Production of Wild-Type and spl8 Mutant Flowers

1st flower28.221.0120.0a0.0120.0a0.012
10th flower52.6b3.81213.1a,b10.41217.0a,b10.412
10th flowercn.d.27.0a20.31221.8a17.812
10th flowerdn.d.19.9a16.81230.7a14.912
  • a Significantly different from the nontreated wild-type flower at a similar position within the inflorescence (t test; P < 0.001).

  • b Significantly different from the first flower in the same inflorescence (t test; P < 0.001).

  • c After manual self-pollination without emasculation.

  • d After manual cross-pollination with wild-type pollen without emasculation.

  • Flowers formed in primary inflorescences of plants grown under long-day conditions. Flowers were numbered according to their appearance. n.d., not determined.