Table 1.

Abundance of Transcripts and Total Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Leaves of the Wild Type and CMSII at Three Developmental Stages

Enzyme activities
  • a Values that were significantly different between the wild type and CMSII.

  • Data are given for three developmental stages: young plants with four fully developed leaves; rosette plants (Figure 1); and mature plants at the floral bud stage. In each case, data (for a time point 6 h into the light period) are given for the second fully developed leaf. Values are means of two (young and floral stages) or three (rosette stage) independent experiments. For transcripts, results are quantified as described in the legend to Figure 5. The data show the ratios of the integrated densities of the bands in CMSII compared with those in the wild type. For enzyme activities, results are expressed as activities in CMSII divided by activities in the wild type.