Table 2.

Region- and Cell Type–Specific F-Actin Fluorescence Values in Developing Trichome Cells of Arabidopsis Wild Type (Landsberg erecta) and the dis1-1 Mutant

RegionStage of trichome development
Wild Typedis1-1Wild Typedis1-1Wild Typedis1-1
Diffuse fluorescence40 ± 742 ± 743 ± 1141 ± 936 ± 536 ± 5
Well-defined F-actin stranda68 ± 1168 ± 1589 ± 1098 ± 33
Bright fluorescence189 ± 18210 ± 52
  • a Regions/stages that are absent and cannot be compared.

  • Average fluorescence values and standard deviations are based on gray-scale readings from five separate regions in 15 cells each of the wild type and the dis1-1 mutant. The three regions correspond to areas marked 1, 2, and 3, respectively, in Figures 3H and 3I. The stages of trichome development are defined as follows: young, when it is not possible to distinguish F-actin strands within diffuse fluorescence; middle, when extending F-actin strands are visible (Figures 3A to 3C); mature, bright fluorescence (Figures 3D to 3G).