Table 1.

Germplasm List

Public orange inbred lines
1033-A CatsulInbred from Uruguay
PI186217Argentinian inbred line
PI27029741:2504B Amargo inbred line; Argentina
Public yellow inbred lines
66A4-2Howe's Early Alberta, very early open-pollinated variety
Ames 12734Indian chief; Huffmann variety × Illinois low ear
Ames 23427Reid Yellow dent
Ames 23476[(V3 × Wf9)S1 Wf9]
Ames 24575Yellow pearl popcorn inbred
B73Reid; Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic
H60Pride of Saline; Wooster Clarage; Lancaster; NSS
Inbred Lo32Italian inbred
Mo17Lancaster surecrop; Krug
PI221785South African inbred
PI221788South African inbred
PI340837Selection from Japanese hull-less white
PI542777South American popcorn inbred
PI583350Guatemalan inbred
PI583351Brazilian inbred
PI583352Ecuadorian inbred
PI593015Hi34 inbred with Antigua 2D parentage
PI595553Yellow flint materials from Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, South America, St. Vincent, Guatemala, Surinam,
   and India
PI595554Materials from Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina
PI595559Tuxpeno, ETO Amarillo, Caribbean, and Brazilian germplasm; downy mildew resistance incorporation from Thailand and  The Philippines
PI595562Materials from Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Antigua, South America, India, Puerto Rico, and Central America
PI595566CIMMYT Syn Amarillo TSR
SC60Gourd seed; U.S. southern dent
Private yellow inbred lines
Y-1Southern United States 3
Y-2SSS B14 derived
Y-3Central cornbelt SSS/NSS mix
Y-4Tropical 4
Y-5Early cornbelt public C0109
Y-6Cornbelt NSS mix
Y-7Southern United States 2
Y-8European flint (F2)
Y-9NSS cornbelt IODENT/OH43
Y-10Tropical 3
Y-11NSS cornbelt
Y-12Tropical 1
Y-13Tropical 2
Y-14Southern United States 1
Public white inbred lines
Ames 22026Narrow Grain Evergreen white sweetcorn inbred
Ames 22443Silver King; Northwest dent
Ames 22754Reid Yellow dent
Ames 22758Neal paymaster; Snelling stiff stalk
Ames 23418Black Mexican; Spanish gold; Purdue yellow dent
CIze 127Boone county white; White Mastodon; Tuxpan
NC296Jamaican hybrid; Cuban flint; Tuxpeno (acquired from M.M. Goodman)
PI221733Potchefstroom Pearl
PI221738Hickory King
PI340836Japanese hull-less popcorn inbred
Public white inbred lines
PI340838White rice popcorn inbred
PI406108Lancaster surecrop
PI550442Open-pollinated variety Laguna (U.S. Department of Agriculture corn from Mexico)
PI550545Inbred from Nepal
PI561605Syn A1/87014 from Cameroon
PI583846Mo17 white composite
PI595531Tuxpeno germplasm from Mexico; also Central American and Colombian materials
PI595532Crosses among Mexican, Colombian, Caribbean, Central American, Indian, Thai, and Filipino lines
PI595539Tuxpeno germplasm from Mexico; some Central American materials
PI595546∼30% downy mildew resistance from The Philippines; also from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador,  Honduras, India, Mexico, and the United States
PI595547Tuxpeno, Cuban flints, and ETO (from Central and South America, Mexico, and the United States)
Stock 6Minnesota #13
Private white inbred lines
W16Public MOSQA
W17Public W94
W2Public V63
W20Public W94,V80
W21Public Krug K174-312-B1; white Mo17 (seven doses)
W37HI 22 W
W45PI451693; derived from seven Cuzco populations and one early U.S. dent population
W50Illinois High Oil
W6Public V63
W7Southern dent
W8Public KY216
Other Zea species
9475Z. perennis; Mexico
9476Z. diploperennis; Mexico
11083Z. luxurians; Nicaragua
11407Z. mays subsp parviglumis; Mexico
11396Z. mays subsp mexicana; Mexico
12823Z. mays subsp mexicana; Mexico