Table 4.

Results of sh2 Haplotype Analysis

Field Replication P-Values
Gel consistencyb0.5240.054
Cool paste viscosityc0.5730.014
Hot paste viscosityd0.4800.008
Peak viscositye0.1740.041
Trough viscosityg0.5410.004
Pasting PC10.4150.025
Pasting PC20.1850.680
Pasting PC30.9610.801
  • Highly weighted pasting traits in PC factor one were tested individually for associations. Significant test results are in boldface.

  • a Breakdown: peak viscosity minus trough viscosity, indication of breakdown in viscosity of paste during 95°C holding period (Pa·s).

  • b Gel consistency: cool paste viscosity minus hot paste viscosity (Pa·s).

  • c Cool paste viscosity: viscosity of paste cooled to 50°C (Pa·s).

  • d Hot paste viscosity: final viscosity after cooking at 95°C (Pa·s).

  • e Peak viscosity: maximum viscosity recorded during heating and holding cycles (Pa·s).

  • f Setback: cool paste viscosity minus trough viscosity, indication of retrogradation of cooked rice during cooling (Pa·s).

  • g Trough viscosity: minimum viscosity after peak (Pa·s).