Table 1.

Microarray Analysis of Genes Induced by MeJA in Wild-Type and jai1-1 Plants

Expression Ratio
Accession No.Gene Product (Best BLAST Hit)Wild Typejai1
AI485116Thr deaminase41.9a
Q10712Leu aminopeptidase A (LAP-A)33.01.3
AI485529Putative acyltransferase25.90.7
AI486173Protein translation inhibitor19.8a
AI897750Kunitz-type trypsin inhibitor14.80.8
AW037833Metallocarboxypeptidase inhibitor12.7a
AI487422Pto-responsive gene 1 protein12.51.0
AI488657Cathepsin D inhibitor protein (CDI)12.40.7
K03291Proteinase inhibitor II (PI-II)11.2a
AW649914Leu aminopeptidase N (LAP-N)11.01.3
AW624058Allene oxide cylase (AOC)10.81.4
U09026Lipoxygenase A (LOXA)9.20.8
Z12838Polyphenol oxidase F (PPO-F)8.41.3
K03290Proteinase inhibitor (PI-I)8.21.0
AW092579Nucleoside diphosphate kinase5.71.0
AI897184Glyoxylase family protein5.50.9
AI490318NAC domain protein5.50.8
AI4860254-Coumarate:CoA ligase5.21.1
AW040669Thioredoxin M-type 3
 chloroplast precursor5.10.9
AI486916Kunitz-type enzyme inhibitor4.51.1
 carboxypeptidase (WIC)4.51.1
AI489221Wound-inducible WRKY
 transcription factor4.31.0
AI483527Kunitz-type trypsin inhibitor4.20.7
Z21793DAHP-synthase 24.21.2
 reductase3 (OPR3)4.21.1
AI771886RD2 auxin-regulated protein4.01.1
AW032472Unknown protein, similar to
AW220064Glutathione S-transferase3.91.2
AF230371Allene oxide synthase2 (AOS2)3.81.0
U37840Lipoxygenase D (LOXD)3.41.0
AI895589Allene oxide synthase1 (AOS1)3.00.9
AI897620Putative chorismate mutase2.91.2
AI483536TMV response-related gene
BE459901Putative caffeoyl-CoA
  • a Expression was not detectable, indicating that the microarray signal was below background levels.

  • Three-week-old Castlemart (wild-type) and jai1-1 plants were treated with either MeJA or ethanol (mock control) for 8 h. Leaf tissue was harvested for RNA isolation after the treatment. A custom cDNA microarray slide representing ∼500 tomato genes was hybridized simultaneously to probes derived from RNA isolated from ethanol- and MeJA-treated plants of the same genotype (i.e., wild type or jai1-1). Numbers represent the mean expression ratio (MeJA:ethanol) of two independent biological replicates for each experiment. Genes (GenBank accession number and putative function) that were differentially regulated by >2.5-fold in response to MeJA in wild-type plants are listed.