Table 1.

Presence of Free Myrtenol, Glycosidically Bound Myrtenol, and Myrtenyl Acetate in Ripe Fruit and Roots of Various Wild and Cultivated Strawberries

SpeciesNameTissueFree Form (mg/kg) MyrtenolGlycosidically Bound (mg/kg) MyrtenolFree Form (mg/kg) Myrtenyl Acetate
WildPRI line 92189Ripe fruit0.1090.0400.155
WildPRI line H1Ripe fruit0.6080.0900.392
WildPRI line 92190Ripe fruit0.3520.0500.604
WildYellow wonderRipe fruit0.227NDa0.418
CultivatedElsantaRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedCalypsoRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedCamerosaRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedGorrelaRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedSure cropRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedSenga senganaRipe fruitNDNDND
CultivatedVirginiana 352Ripe fruitNDNDND
WildPRI line 92189Roots4.6340.271ND
  • a ND, not detected (<0.001 mg/kg).