Table 1.

Polypeptide Identification

Band IDApparent
 Mass (kD)N-Terminal
 Sequence aGene LocusN-Terminal
 Amino Acid
 C-Terminal Amino
 Acid NumberPredicted
 Mass (kD)Predicted
153RQSLGVPPQLAt4g285202452455.9Cruciferin1 precursor
250No sequence
348RQxEAPFpAt1g038902645146.9Cruciferin2 precursor
444No sequence
539f/k lgqgxsxrUnknown
631RQSLGVPPQAt4g285202432133.2Cruciferin1 α-chain fragment
725No sequence
823No sequence
1020ExRHPpspqAt4g2852032252422.7Cruciferin1 αβ-chain fragment
1113FEGQGQSxRAt5g4412012624213.3Cruciferin4 α-chain fragment
129No sequence
137RQSLGVPPQAt4g2852024907.5Cruciferin1 α-chain fragment
1514FEEDASNAt4g271603016214AT2S3 precursor proteolyzed in the first propeptide only
169No sequence
178DMEDDIENPQRAt4g27170811649.7AT2S4 large chain proteolyzed in the second propeptide
187DFEGPQAt4g27160811629.3AT2S3 large chain
195.7E/d EDDASNPND b31725AT2S2,3,4 small chain proteolyzed in the first propeptide
  • a Lowercase indicates low confidence amino acid identifications.

  • b Not determined because the sequence is shared among three genes.