Table 1.

Expression Levels of Select Transcripts in EST Groups 1 to 4

Nuclear Factors
1*cLEC7J13(1)e2.453.7E-03WRKY transcription factor
1*cLED4B14(1)1.971.5E-02WRKY transcription factor
1*cLEC7B1(1)1.777.0E-03WRKY transcription factor
1cLED7J42.973.4E-03Histone H3 variant H3R-21
1cLET11O163.461.0E-02Histone H3 variant H3R-21
1cLED5G71.971.6E-02Histone H3 variant H3.3
1cLEM6P241.677.6E-04Histone H3 variant H3.3
1cLED6D205.976.8E-04CIG1 Pro oxidase
2cLED14D15(1)10.551.44.874.8E-04PIN II
2cLET21I5(1)14.750.23.421.5E-03PIN II
2cLEC40H229.6032.83.412.0E-03PIN II
2cLED4O38.3924.52.924.5E-03PIN I
2cLET23O14(1)8.7425.42.916.0E-03PIN II
2cLED6E24(1)4.467.231.624.8E-03PIN II
2cLED5P112.594.161.618.9E-04PIN II
2cLED4N2015.622.01.412.1E-03PIN I
2cLED6L35.186.481.251.6E-02PIN PID
2cLED19A96.337.381.176.7E-03PIN I
2cLED6N137.167.841.104.8E-03PIN I
2cLED5K52.702.590.968.3E-03PIN (auxin)
2cLET22A6 (2) I
2cLET28M23 (2)5.604.310.771.2E-02PIN I
2TC1163788.6525.32.925.4E-03Cytochrome c
3cLED4L81.6013.28.244.3E-04His decarboxylase
3cLED4L7(1)2.7761.922.41.4E-03γ-Thionin–like defensin
3cLED25O16(1)2.0610.95.292.0E-03γ-Thionin–like defensin
Nuclear FactorsAvWt/AvMt
4cLEX1O30.571.0E-03Histone H3 variant H3.3
4cLED29P240.607.7E-03Histone H3
4cLED7L22(1)0.564.5E-03Homeodomain HDZ2 homolog
4cLED8G3(1)0.522.8E-03Homeodomain HDZ2 homolog
4cTOC13J30.546.7E-04Floral homeotic protein PMADS 2
4cLEC7M180.393.2E-03TDR6 MADS box protein
4cLED5O120.382.9E-03APETALA3 LEAP3
4cLED5P120.322.7E-05APETALA3 LEAP3
4cLEC14J40.341.4E-02Cytosolic MDA reductase
  • a Cluster groups (1 to 4) refer to the clustering of expression patterns as shown in Figure 7, in which twofold or more induction is observed in an EST or in an assigned tentative consensus group. Asterisks indicate ESTs from related genes not selected in the assigned clusters.

  • b The average induction level in wild-type control and systemic leaves relative to the average induction level of control and systemic leaves in the M6/7 line.

  • c The P-values test by sum of squares simultaneous test procedure for null hypothesis. The hypotheses are as follows: group 1, (MC, MS) versus (WC, WS); group 2, (MC, WC) versus (MS, WS); group 3, (MC, MS, WC) versus (WS); and group 4, (MC, MS) versus (WC, WS).

  • d Descriptions are based on the TIGR database (version 9.0; The Center for Gene Expression Profiling resequence update was incorporated only when both sequence ends were consistent.

  • e The numbers in parenthesis refer to ESTs that belong to a common contig (tentative consensus) group as described in TIGR databases. A contig unit may represent the same transcript.

  • f Ratio of expression of wounded systemic leaf to control leaf in the M6/7 line.

  • g Ratio of expression of wounded systemic leaf to control leaf in the wild type.

  • h Ratio of induction in wild-type systemic wounded leaves to M6/7 systemic wounded leaves.