Table 2.

Abnormal Growth Phenotypes of Progeny from Crosses between AvrL567-Transformed L. usitatissimum and Various L Gene Lines

Phenotypesb of Progeny from Crosses to:
Transgene# T0 PlantsaL5L6L7Lx
AvrL567-A1275003 to 40
AvrL567-A15091 to 31 to 554 to 5
AvrL567-B12770 to 32 to 555
AvrL567-B15071 to 34 to 555
  • a The number of independent transgenic T0 plants used in crosses to L gene lines.

  • b Each T0 plant was crossed to the L5, L6, L7, and Lx lines. Each cross was scored according to the severity of any stunted growth phenotype segregating among the progeny. For each AvrL567 transgene/L gene combination, the range of scores obtained for crosses involving independent T0 plants is shown. Numerical scores represent the following phenotypes: 0, incompletely filled seed, no germination in vitro; 1, seeds germinate in vitro, but seedlings do not emerge from soil; 2, seedling growth arrested after cotyledon emergence; 3, extreme dwarf seedlings; 4, moderate dwarf seedlings; and 5, all progeny have wild-type growth.