Table 2.

Estimated Ages of the Observed Secondary Peaks and the Potato-Tomato and Soybean-M. truncatula Speciation Events

SpeciesMode Peak of Paralog KsEstimated Age in Myra
Maize0.15 to 0.2011.5 to 15.4
G. hirsutum and G. arboreum0.40 to 0.4513.3 to 15.0
Potato and tomato0.55 to 0.7018.3 to 23.3
Soybean young peak0.10 to 0.153.3 to 5.0
Soybean old peak0.45 to 0.5015.5 to 16.7
M. truncatula young peak0.25 to 0.308.3 to 10.0
M. truncatula old peak0.65 to 0.7021.6 to 23.3
Arabidopsis peak of duplicates formed by polyploidy0.75 to 0.8025.0 to 26.7
Arabidopsis peak of tandem duplicates0.30 to 0.3510.0 to 11.7
Lineage Separation EventsMode Peak of Ortholog KsEstimated Age in Myr
Potato-tomato0.05 to 0.101.6 to 3.3
Soybean-M. truncatula0.40 to 0.4513.3 to 15.0
  • a Myr, millions of years.