Table 3.

Expression of PPR Genes Detected by Different Methods

Detection of Gene Expression
SubfamilyESTsRT-PCRMicroarraysBy at Least One Technique
PPR148 (61.4%)93 (50.3%)128 (69.2%)228 (94.6%)
P-L-S67 (33.5%)63 (35.0%)58 (32.2%)139 (69.5%)
  • The number of genes whose expression could be detected by different techniques is given for both subfamilies (the percentage detected in the subfamily is given in parentheses). EST data is from FLAGdb++; RT-PCR experiments were conducted on Arabidopsis leaf and flower mRNA with 372 gene-specific primer pairs from the CATMA collection; microarray hybridization results are from the data in Figure 5, covering 384 PPR genes.