Table 1.

Quantitation of JA and Some of Its Conjugates in Arabidopsis Seedlings

ConjugateWild Typejar1-1jar1-8jar1S2-1
JA32.2 (1.8)32.8 (3.4)25.9 (4.0)39.4 (5.1)
JA-Ile29.6 (7.3)a4.2 (0.7)b2.5 (0.4)b27.4 (8.2)a
JA-Val3.2 (0.4)2.6 (0.7)2.3 (0.5)1.9 (0.4)
JA-Leu6.8 (1.6)4.5 (3.4)3.4 (1.5)5.7 (1.3)
JA-Phe5.9 (1.1)a9.6 (0.8)b9.3 (1.0)b5.8 (0.8)a
JA-ACC18.4 (4.0)a43.5 (2.7)b43.8 (1.7)b14.3 (1.2)a
  • Values are the mean (pmol/g fresh weight [FW]) of three extractions of 2-week-old whole seedling tissue, excluding roots. Values in parentheses are se of the means. Means for conjugates that differ significantly (5% level) between genotypes are indicated by different letters (a and b).