Table 6.

Sequence Diversity in Maize Inbreds and Teosintes at Eight Candidate Genes and Results of the Tests of Selection

GeneNLShπtotalπsilentP Value in HKAtotalP Value in HKAsilentNLShπtotalπsilentP Value in HKAtotalP Value in HKAsilentCandidate StatusHomology Search
AY108876141055120.000250.00050<0.0068**<0.0120*1610261380.002450.00403<0.0433*<0.1849SelectedAmino acid transporter
AY107195143119120.000050.00007<0.0058**<0.0087**11309781110.008200.01171<0.5889<0.6761SelectedAuxin response factor
AY110109141466120.000360.00000<0.0051**<0.0054**14135543110.006970.00999<0.3613<0.5321SelectedGTP binding protein
AY108178141259010.000000.00000<0.0054**<0.0082**13122454100.011740.01458<0.3233<0.4719SelectedCircadian clock
AY1066161427458490.011320.01888<0.4395<0.2205726199770.015090.02446<0.6859<0.7214SelectedAnkyrin repeat-like protein
AY1079521424692350.003330.00446<0.1193<0.092714259938120.003900.00502<0.1453<0.1678SelectedPutative fruit protein, oxidoreductase
AY106371141574450.000910.00000<0.0094**<0.0061**15161565120.010780.01197<0.4603<0.4047SelectedPutative methyl binding domain protein
  • Gene, the GenBank accession of the original unigene sequence; N, number of sampled sequences; L, length of the core alignments in which all sequences contain bases, excluding gaps; S, total number of segregating sites; h, number of unique sequences (haplotypes); πtotal and πsilent, average proportion of pairwise differences per base pair at all sites and silent sites, respectively. HKA tests: P value of the candidate genes by multiple locus HKA against the four neutral genes by the maximum cell value test. HKAtotal and HKAsilent: HKA test at all sites and silent sites, respectively. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01. Candidate status: genes shown in bold are selected throughout the gene length, and genes not in bold are only selected at the 3′ region.