Table 1.

Proteins Oxidized in KO-Apx1 Plants in Response to a Moderate Level of Light Stress

ProteinLocus NumberNo. of Fragments MatchedCoveragePredicted Location
Cys synthase [O-acetylserine (thiol)lyase]At3g22460528%Plastid
Asp kinase/homoserine dehydrogenaseAt1g312301827%Plastid
Putative transposaseAt2g141402028%Cytosol/nuclear
Rubisco large subunitArthCp0301426%Plastid
Zinc-finger, C3HC4 (RING finger)At5g607101022%Nuclear
Cytochrome P450At4g153962239%Secretory
Putative cation/H+ exchangerAt5g584601523%Membrane
Transcription activatorAt3g52910422%Cytosol/nuclear
  • Proteomic analysis of protein oxidation was determined as described in Methods. Predicted subcellular localization was performed as described in Mittler et al. (2004).