Table 1.

Estimated Times of Retrotransposon Insertion at the Rph7 Locus

ElementsK (±sd)aTime Mya (±sd)
BARE 1_211E24-1 (Morex)00
Bianca_252N19-1 (Morex)0.012 (0.008)0.92 (0.6)
BARE1_14E11-1 (Cebada Capa)0.017 (0.003)1.30 (0.23)
Usier_14E11-1 (Cebada Capa)0.028 (0.004)2.15 (0.30)
Jelly_14E11-1 (Cebada Capa)0.022 (0.006)1.69 (0.46)
  • a K, estimated number of substitutions per nucleotide site and its standard deviation. K is based on the γ-K2P model for LTR (Kimura, 1980). The average substitution rate of 6.5 × 10−9 substitutions per synonymous site per year that was estimated for the adh1 and adh2 genes in maize (Gaut et al., 1996) was applied to estimate the divergence time.