Table 3.

The cna-1 Allele Is Dominant-Negative

GenotypeShoot Meristem Size (μm)aRing MeristembLoss of Organogenesiscnd
clv3-2209 ± 210%0%20
clv3-2 cna-2/+228 ± 170%0%22
clv3-2 cna-1/+266 ± 2322%0%18
clv3-2 cna-2/cna-2260 ± 1717%0%24
clv3-2 cna-1/cna-2441 ± 20100%0%18
clv3-2 cna-1/cna-1478 ± 1991%36%22
  • a Values represent the mean shoot apical meristem diameter ± standard error of plants collected simultaneously at the onset of bolting (see Methods).

  • b The percentage of plants showing a distinct ring shape to the meristem.

  • c The percentage of plants showing a severe loss of organogenesis.

  • d n indicates the number of measurements used to determine size.