Table 4.

Effects of cna-1 on Floral Organ Number in clv3-2 Mutants

GenotypeCarpels per FloweraPb
clv3-25.66 ± 0.11 (n = 59)
clv3-2 cna-15.34 ± 0.12 (n = 67)0.04
clv3-2 cna-25.79 ± 0.13 (n = 62)0.44
  • a Values represent the mean number of carpels per flower ± standard error. The total number of flowers scored for each genotype is indicated in parentheses (n). Only the first 10 flowers of any given plant were included in the analysis.

  • b The probability associated with differences in the mean carpel numbers for clv3-2 and clv3-2 cna lines was assessed using the t test.