Table 1.

Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in Dissected Ovules from Unfertilized Apomictic Genotype 38C and the Sexual Maize Line CML216 at 3 and 7 DAPa

TissuesExpressed GenesDifferentially Expressed Genes (P < 0.001)
38C, 0 DAP5275 (91.60%)b0
Maize, 3 DAP5313 (92.24%)129 (2.24%)
Maize, 7 DAP5365 (93.14%)213 (3.70%)
  • a The table summarizes the results for four independent hybridizations using Unigene 1.01 chips, and only signals consistent across all repetitions were used for statistical analyses. mRNA from unfertilized ovules of CML216 was used as a reference for all comparisons.

  • b Percentage of the total number of unique sequences printed on the arrays.