Table 1.

Validated miRNA Targets from Gymnosperms, Ferns, and Mosses

miRNAConfirmed or Predicted Arabidopsis TargetsaSpeciesTargetAccession No.Homolog/Species/e-ValuebDescription of Homolog
160At1g77850(ARF17), At2g28350(ARF10), At4g30080(ARF16)C. thalictroidesFern-160-1AY974155At4g30080/Arabidopsis/1e-06ARF16
P. juniperinumMoss-160-1AY974165At4g30080/Arabidopsis/8e-19ARF16
P. juniperinumMoss-160-2AY974166At4g30080/Arabidopsis/7e-16ARF16
167At1g30330(ARF6), At5g37020(ARF8)P. resinosaPine-167-1AY974146At1g30330/Arabidopsis/3e-29ARF6
171At2g45160(SCL6-II), At3g60630(SCL6-III), At4g00150(SCL6-IV)C. thalictroidesFern-171-1AY974159At3g60630/Arabidopsis/2e-45SCL6-III
172At2g28550(TOE1), At2g39250, At4g36920(AP2), At5g60120(TOE2), At5g67180(TOE3)P. resinosaPine-172-1AY974149BAD16604.1/P. thunbergii/1e-32APETALA2-like protein 2
P. resinosaPine-172-2AY974150BAD16603.1/P. thunbergii/0.015APETALA2-like protein 1
C. thalictroidesFern-172-1cAY974163At4g36920/Arabidopsis/3e-58APETALA2
  • a Target predictions from Jones-Rhoades and Bartel (2004). Experimentally confirmed targets are underlined. Citations for individual target confirmations are found in Jones-Rhoades and Bartel (2004), with the exception of ARF16, which was confirmed recently by Mallory et al. (2005).

  • b BLASTp was performed using the deduced protein sequence of the target against Arabidopsis proteins (AGI proteins); the protein scoring the highest is listed along with the e-value. In cases where no significant match was found in Arabidopsis, BLASTx was performed using the entire 3′ DNA sequence against the nonredundant protein database and the best hits listed, along with the e-value.

  • c A full-length cDNA was isolated for fern-172-1 and used for the subsequent BLAST searches.