Table 3.

ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUS in Socket Cells of Young Trichomes

LinePercentage of Young Trichomes with at Least One GUS-Positive Socket CellanΣ Trichomes
ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUS in Landsberg erecta31.3 ± 4.24400
ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUS in ProGL2:KRP1109* b34.5 ± 2.94400
  • a Socket cells of young trichomes (stage 2 to stage 5 according to Szymanski et al., 1998) were analyzed; average ± sd per 100 counted trichomes.

  • b ICK1/KRP1 is abbreviated as KRP1 and is marked by an asterisk.