Table 4.

ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUS in Socket Cells of Mature Trichomes

LineStageaGUS-Positive Socket Cells per Total Trichome Number per LeafbΣ LeavesΣ Trichomes
ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUSGUS+0.000 ± 0.0009326
in Landsberg erectaGUS−0.000 ± 0.00015304
ProCYCB1;2:DB:GUSGUS+0.024 ± 0.03516508
in ProGL2:KRP1109* cGUS−0.006 ± 0.03152868
  • a Stage GUS+, GUS staining in other epidermal cells besides socket cells; stage GUS−, GUS staining only in socket cells.

  • b Mature trichomes (stage 6 according to Szymanski et al., 1998) were analyzed; average ± sd.

  • c ICK1/KRP1 is abbreviated as KRP1 and is marked by an asterisk.