Table 2.

Drug Sensitivity of Wild-Type Strain Guy11 and abc3Δ

Valinomycin20 μg/mL3 μg/mL
Valinomycin + verapamil10 μg/mL3 μg/mL
Actinomycin D15 μg/mL3.5 μg/mL
Actinomycin D + verapamil8 μg/mL3.5 μg/mL
Benomyl2 μg/mL2 μg/mL
Brefeldin A40 μg/mL40 μg/mL
Gramicidin D180 μg/mL180 μg/mL
Leptomycin B7.5 ng/mL7.5 ng/mL
Fluconazole2.5 μg/mL2.5 μg/mL
Itraconazole2 μg/mL2 μg/mL
  • Drug sensitivity is determined as the minimum inhibitory concentration that is sufficient to inhibit growth of Magnaporthe mycelia on agar medium.