Table 1.

SERK1-Interacting Proteins Identified by MALDI-TOF/MS

Protein NameAt NumberNumber of Peptides IdentifiedSequence Coverage (%)Mascot Score ObtainedProtein Size (kD)Conformation from Additional Experiments
BRI1At4g3940017976130CoIP, FRET
KAPPAt5g19280182510265FRET, Y2H
CDC48AAt3g0984014198089CoIP, Y2H, FRET*
Zinc finger proteinAt2g33500114519521ND
  • The proteins identified in the SERK1 complex all have MASCOT scores of >60 and were grouped according to postulated function. Interactions were confirmed using coimmunoprecipitation (CoIP), or in the case of SERK1 alone by immunoprecipitation (IP), yeast two-hybrid interaction (Y2H) (Rienties et al., 2005), and detection of FRET, which is indicative of protein proximity in transient protoplast transfection assays (Shah et al., 2002; Rienties et al., 2005; this study). ND, not determined. The asterisk indicates unpublished data (J. Aker, E. Russinova, and S. de Vries).