Table 1.

Mapping PerCv5b to FLC: NIL and Mutant Periods

LinePeriod (h)sePeriod (h)sePeriod (h)se
FRI; FLC25.760.2124.780.2024.990.22
fri; FLC25.690.2424.26*0.2024.26*0.27
FRI; flc25.910.2324.430.2123.69**0.26
fri; flc25.760.2524.22*0.2023.27**a0.24
  • Leaf movement period estimates for NIL46 and fri and flc mutant combinations. Asterisks indicate P values of t test of period versus Ler for NIL46 and FRI; FLC for mutants at * <0.05 and ** <0.01.

  • a P value <0.01 of Student's t test of fri; flc versus fri; FLC.