Table 1.

Correlation of Intracellular Fluorescence to CHS Expression and Nodulation

Hairy Roots: Control Construct TransformedHairy Roots: CHS Silencing Construct Transformed
Percentage (and number) of roots fluorescing100% (103/103)25.2% (32/127)74.8% (95/127)
Percentage (and number) of roots nodulating19.4% (20/103)18.8% (6/32)0% (0/95)
Percentage (and number) of roots expressing CHS100% (21/21)a87.5% (7/8)a5.3% (1/19)a
  • a For this experiment, CHS expression was determined in individual hairy roots of the same plants scored for fluorescence and nodulation. Representative PCR results of each of the three types of roots are shown in Figure 1A.