Table 1.

Phenotypic Characteristics of Selected Lines of T2 Transgenic Barley Plants Transformed with the Construct pVECNpass

Plant LineLevel of jekyll Expression (%)aPlant Height (cm)Number of Spikes per PlantNumber of Corns per Spike100 Corn Weight (g)Starch Content (mg/g)
Wild type100.056.4 ± 2.3a18.0 ± 2.4a21.6 ± 3.8a4.42 ± 0.67a455 ± 46a
N1874.852.0 ± 2.0a17.7 ± 2.4a20.2 ± 4.9a3.04 ± 0.05b365 ± 26b
N6121.349.3 ± 3.3b12.8 ± 4.8a13.4 ± 2.8b2.10 ± 0.36c340 ± 18b
N8120.852.4 ± 3.2a15.0 ± 4.0a6.8 ± 4.6c2.14 ± 0.23cND
N9125.351.4 ± 7.7a15.2 ± 5.0a5.2 ± 3.3c2.02 ± 0.38c361 ± 63b
  • The values are given as means ± sd. Values followed by the same letter within a column are not significantly different at P < 0.05. ND, not detected.

  • a Levels of jekyll mRNA expression were estimated by RNA gel blot analysis at 4 DAF. Hybridization signals were quantified as described (Weschke et al., 2000) and given in relative units as a percentage of expression to the wild type estimated as 100%.