Table 2.

Summary of cDNA-AFLPs between 48 S0 and 47 S5 Resynthesized B. napus Polyploid Lines

S0 GenerationaS5 Generationa
Total no. fragments expectedb17,02014,1822,83816,68013,8382,842
Total no. fragments lost (%)31 (0.2)27 (0.2)4 (0.1)504 (3.0)419 (3.0)85 (3.0)
No. A fragments expectedbc6,4285,3521,0766,2985,2241,074
No. A fragments lost (%)c14 (0.22)10 (0.2)4 (0.4)250 (4.0)197 (3.8)53 (4.9)
No. C fragments expectedbc5,9844,9909945,8704,8701,000
No. C fragments lost (%)c17 (0.3)17 (0.3)0252 (4.3)220 (4.5)32 (3.2)
No. AC fragments expectedbc4,6083,8407684,5123,744768
No. AC fragments lost (%)c0002 (0.04)2 (0.05)0
  • a The table is split by fragments scored in the S0 or S5 generation and is further divided into total marker data and data collected from colchicine (Colch.) or spontaneously (Spont.) doubled lines.

  • b Expected number of fragments is equal to the product of total markers scored and the number of lines, minus missing data, and is the number expected under parental additivity.

  • c Designations A (B. rapa), C (B. oleracea), and AC (common to both) indicate the transcriptome of origin of the cDNA-AFLP markers scored.