Table 3.

Pearson Correlations and P Values for Pairwise Comparisons of Marker and Phenotypic Data Sets among the S5 Generation Resynthesized B. napus Polyploids

No. DNA LossesNo. cDNA LossesNo. Methylation ChangesPhenotypic Variability
No. DNA lossesaP < 0.0001P = 0.7544P = 0.0041
No. cDNA lossesar = 0.742P = 0.6716P = 0.0134
No. methylation changesar = 0.048r = 0.065P = 0.2127
Phenotypic variabilityar = 0.424r = 0.370r = 0.192
  • a DNA = total DNA fragment losses/line; cDNA = total cDNA fragment losses/line; methylation = total methylation changes (sum of fragment loss, fragment reversions, novel fragments across HpaII and MspI blots)/line; phenotypic variability = sum of sd from the mean of all traits/line).