Table 1.

U. maydis Strains Used in This Study

StrainRelevant GenotypeReference
FB1a1 b1Banuett and Herskowitz (1989)
FB2a2 b2Banuett and Herskowitz (1989)
SG200a1mfa2 b1bW2Bölker et al. (1995)
AB33a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Brachmann et al. (2001)
AB34a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE2Brachmann et al. (2001)
SONU82a2 b2 Δpcl1This work
SONU87a2 b2 Δpcl6This work
SONU92a2 b2 Δpcl5This work
SONU96a2 b2 Δpcl11This work
SONU97a2 b2 Δpho80This work
UMP94a2 b2 Δpcl13This work
UMN84a2 b2 Δpcl12This work
UMN70a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl1This work
UMP90a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl6This work
UMN71a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl5This work
SONU158a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl11This work
UMP91a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpho80This work
UMP92a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl13This work
UMP93a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl12This work
SONU160a1 b1 Pcrg1:VSV-pcl12This work
SONU167a1 b1 cdk5-myc Pcrg1:VSV-pcl12This work
UMP117a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1 cdk5-GFP pcl12-RFPThis work
UMP100a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1 fim1-GFPThis work
UMN92a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl12 fim1-GFPThis work
UMP99a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1 tub1-GFPThis work
UMN81a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl12 tub1-GFPThis work
UMN94a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1 myo5-GFPThis work
UMN95a2 Pnar1:bW2 Pnar1:bE1Δpcl12 myo5-GFPThis work
SONU149a1 b1 Δpcl12This work
SONU154a1mfa2 b1bW2 Δpcl12This work
SG200CFPa1 mfa2 bW2 bE1 POMA:CFPFlor-Parra et al. (2006)
SG200YFPa1 mfa2 bW2 bE1 POMA:YFPFlor-Parra et al. (2006)
UMN88a1mfa2 b1bW2 Δpcl12 POMA:CFPThis work
UMN89a1mfa2 b1bW2 Δpcl12 POMA:YFPThis work
SONU147a1 b1 Pcrg1:pcl12This work
SONU150a1 b1 Pcrg1:pcl12 cdk5tsThis work
SONU164a1 b1 Pcrg1:pcl12 Δrac1This work
UMN4a1 b1 Pcrg1:fuz7DDFlor-Parra et al. (2006)
SONU155a1 b1 Pcrg1:fuz7DD Δpcl12This work