Table 1.

Transmission Efficiency of eostre Mutants

Parental Genotypes (Female × Male)aKanrKansTransmission Efficiencyb
eostre-1/EOSTRE × EOSTRE/EOSTRE7713735.98%
EOSTRE/EOSTRE × eostre-1/EOSTRE5627217.07%
eostre-3/EOSTRE × EOSTRE/EOSTRE768347.79%
EOSTRE/EOSTRE × eostre-3/EOSTRE3414419.10%
  • a Plants were crossed manually, and seeds of the resulting cross were collected and grown on selective Murashige and Skoog (MS) plates to determine the efficiency in which the mutant allele was transmitted to the next generation by the male or female gametes.

  • b Transmission efficiency = Kanr/Kans × 100%.