Table 1.

Changes in Fluorescence Levels during Iron Starvation in Wild-Type and ΔIsiA Cells

0 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA7 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA10 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA12 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA14 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA19 d Wild- Type/ΔIsiA
Fo (% ± 10%)100/100100/105125/160154/350180/642260/–
Fv (% ± 10%)100/100100/147140/187148/183120/2730/–
Fv/Fo (±0.05)0.78/0.780.76/1.10.80/0.950.74/0.40.5/0.0350.09/–
Fv/Fm (±0.05)0.44/0.440.43/0.500.47/0.470.43/0.30.33/0.030.085/–
  • Each result is the average of four independent iron starvation experiments.