Table 1.

The Distribution of WLHS1-Anovel among Triticum Species

PloidyChromosome NumberSpeciesGenome ConstitutionNo. of Lines ExaminedNo. of Lines with WLHS1-AnovelNo. of Lines with WLHS1-Aintact
Diploid2n = 14T. urartuAA15015
Tetraploid2n = 28T. dicoccoidesAABB606
T. dicoccumAABB1477
T. durumAABB606
T. turgidumAABB101
T. carthlicumAABB101
T. polonicumAABB101
T. timopheeviAABB101
Hexaploid2n = 42T. sphaerococcumAABBDD101
T. speltaAABBDD101
T. machaAABBDD550
T. compactumAABBDD101
T. aestivumAABBDD29425
Synthetic hexaploid2n = 42AABBDD808
  • WLHS1-Anovel is the novel form of WLHS1-A containing the novel sequence instead of the K domain. WLHS1-Aintact is the intact form of WLHS1-A with the MIKC domain.