Table 2.

Transactivation by WRKY45 in the Rice Protoplast Transient System

ReporterEffectorRelative LUC Activity
−ELI+W453.7 ± 1.6
+ELI−W451.8 ± 0.8
+ELI+W4550.0 ± 19.2
+ELIm+W4520.2 ± 3.5
+ELIm−W4521.9 ± 5.6
  • Reporter plasmids (5 μg) with (+ELI) or without (–ELI) wild-type W-boxes and 3 μg of effector plasmids with (+W45) or without (–W45) WRKY45 coding sequence were cotransfected into rice protoplasts, and luciferase activities were determined. Reporter plasmids with mutant W-boxes (ELIm) were also tested. Sequences of ELI and ELIm are 5′-TTGGTCAGAAAGTCAGTCGTCGAGTTGGTCAGAAAGTCAGTC-3′ (W-box underlined) and 5′-TTGGGAAGAAAGGAAGTCGTCGAGTTGGGAAGAAAGGAAGTC-3′ (mutated nucleotides boxed), respectively. LUC activities relative to those of Renilla LUC, the internal control, are shown. Data are shown as the mean of six independent experiments with sd.