Table 2. Transcriptome Expression Variation across Six Tissues in the Context of B73 and PH207 Annotated Genes
Expression competence
 Never expressed6,1805,885
 Expressed in ≥1 tissue33,12134,672
Differential expression between genotypes
 Always differentially expressed1,6551,968
 Sometimes differentially expressed18,91319,363
 Never differentially expressed18,73319,226
Genotype-specific expression pattern
 Always genotype specific if expressed3,5323,964
 Sometimes genotype specific8,7199,910
 Never genotype specific27,05026,683
  • B73 and PH207 RNA-seq reads were mapped to both their cognate genome and the reciprocal genome, and expression was summarized as read counts in each of the mapping scenarios. Tissues included in this analysis were leaf blade, root cortical parenchyma, root stele, germinating kernel, root tip, and whole seedling.

  • a The total number of genes in each genotype are 39,301 (B73) and 40,557 (PH207).