Table 2.

Segregation Analysis of the pip5k4 Mutant Allele: Outcross of pip5k4 Heterozygous Plants

Wild-Type Pollen × pip5k4 Heterozygous Pistil (n = 182)
ZygosityNumber of Genotyped PlantsObserved (%)
Wild type11060.5a
pip5k4 Heterozygous Pollen × Wild-Type Pistil (n = 149)
ZygosityNumber of Genotyped PlantsObserved (%)
Wild type12080.5b
  • Reciprocal outcrosses were performed between heterozygous plants for the pip5k4 allele and wild-type plants. The progeny was genotyped and the observed segregation was compared with the expected Mendelian segregation (1:1). Statistical significance was determined by Pearson's χ2 test.

  • a Different from segregation ratio 1:1 (P < 0.05; 1 degree of freedom). See Supplemental Table 1 online for further details on the statistical analysis of mutant allele segregation.

  • b Significantly different from segregation ratio 1:1 (P < 0.001; 1 degree of freedom).