Table 2.

Qualitative Analysis of Expression in Rice

TPI1+140Xu et al. (1994), Snowden et al. (1996)
CDPK21+37Morello et al. (2006)
rubi31+191Sivamani and Qu (2006)
tua11+90Jeon et al. (2000)
tua12+−2Jeon et al. (2000)
tua13+−10Jeon et al. (2000)
tua21+174Fiume et al. (2004)
tua31+274Fiume et al. (2004)
tub161+158Morello et al. (2002)
GAMyb1+147Washio and Morikawa (2006)
RPBF1+−118Washio and Morikawa (2006)
ACT11+210McElroy et al. (1990)
PLD11+63Ueki et al. (1999)
Glutelin1−14Ueki et al. (1999)
Sh11+203Maas et al. (1991), Ueki et al. (1999)
Ubi11+187Ueki et al. (1999)
Adh11+51Schunmann et al. (2004)
  • For these experiments, the IMEter was trained in rice. No. indicates intron number. The plus sign indicates enhancement; the minus sign indicates no enhancement. All introns are from rice genes except the last three, which are from the maize Sh1, Ubi1, and Adh1 genes.