Table 3.

Complementation of the xgd1 Mutant Phenotype

Plant GenotypeRelative Xylose Content (Wild Type = 100)
qrt + pPZP221100 ± 2a
qrt + p35S:XGD1104 ± 6a
xgd1-1 + pPZP22184 ± 3b
xgd1-1 + p35S:XGD1102 ± 4a
xgd1-1 + p35S:XGD1-Myc-6-His100 ± 3a
xgd1-1 + p35S:ΔN-XGD184 ± 3b
  • xgd1-1 and wild-type (qrt) plants were transformed with the different constructs indicated and gentamycin resistant offspring grown to maturity. Leaves were harvested, cell wall material isolated and hydrolyzed, and monosaccharide composition determined by HPAEC-PAD. The data are expressed as the relative content of xylose in mol % (±se, n = 5). Numbers followed by the same letter are not significantly different (t test, P > 0.05). pPZP221 is the empty vector. The wild-type phenotype is restored in mutants expressing XGD1.